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The October issue of HOMES &ANTIQUES magazine has an interesting and informative article about antiques dealers, including us, who don't work from a traditional shop-front, but are open by appointment only.  Like us, these dealers work from a variety of interesting locations - from their own homes, or from barns, warehouses, or offices.  There are more dealers than is commonly known who work in this way - in fact, 20% of the members of  LAPADA (The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers) are open by appointment only.

Our website is our shop window, and our home, or parts of it, is also our showroom (you can see a corner of one of our rooms on this post.) We have never had a shop or gallery, although we previously exhibited at some of the best London antiques fairs for many years.  Now our business is totally home and internet based, and we love working in this way.  Why?  We are not tied to a shop, but are free to look far and wide for our specialised stock;  we know our oak and country antiques look at home in our atmospheric period rooms; our customers can get a feel for how a piece might look in their own homes;  also, we get to enjoy living with the things we have chosen, for as along as we have them!

The article urges people to "....embrace this method of shopping", and not to feel intimidated by the idea of "by appointment only".  It also offers useful "Top tips for one-on-one antiques shopping".  We say, if you see something you like on our website, get in touch and find out more about it. 

Read the whole article in Homes & Antiques October issue, now on sale, and online at a later date - OCTOBER ISSUE.


Posted on September 28, 2017 by JOHN